Tired of accidents, neighbors invite Davenport mayor to their front lawn

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Speeding cars, screeching tires, cars and even houses getting hit. All of it is becoming all too familiar to the neighbors near May Lane and South Fairmount Street in Davenport. On Friday, the neighbors took the need for change into their own hands.

One by one they came. Frustrated neighbors, each with their own story, about the black skid marks and the cars that come speeding down the hill.

"You hear the speeding and cringe,” said Christi Coe.

Robin Stock lives at the bottom of the hill.

“Ya know what, so many to mention, but I'd say at least fifty plus... ya I mean that bad,” she said of the number of accidents that have occurred near the intersection of May Lane and South Fairmount Street in the nearly twenty years she has lived there.

The most recent accident happened on Tuesday.

"Came down the hill and I don't know how fast he was going but he lost control and rear ended me and totaled out my car,” said Stock.

It was a car that was sitting in her driveway and it was the third vehicle she’s owned that has been hit.

"I'm angry. I was really mad. I didn't even have time to think, I was just angry. I mean what are you gonna do?” said Stock.

It’s not just her cars that have been hit, it’s her house too.

"You wouldn't think sitting in your room, a car is gonna come through,” she said.

But despite numerous accidents, one of them even fatal, she says nothing has been done.

"Is it gonna take a child, a person, a human to get killed?” asked Stock.

So she invited her neighbors and a few special guests including Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba to her front lawn to come up with ideas to keep the cars out of their homes and on the road.

"Like a rumble strip,” said one neighbor.

"Mark the lanes,” added another.

"Let's put a flashing light, sign that says dangerous curve ahead,” said Davenport Public Works Director Mike Clarke who said some things could be done in the next couple months.

"For the first time ya know, something’s heading in the right direction,” said Stock.

One by one, this collective group of neighbors is getting things done.

There were suggestions to make that area a “No parking” zone and even to cut off access to the road. If you live in the area and want to get some feedback, you’re encouraged to reach out to Alderman Nathan Brown.  His email address is: nbrown@ci.davenport.ia.us