Beyond the Green Screen: The Heat Index Less Complex

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Whoa, it’s a little hot outside.

Fortunately, Tuesday should be the hottest day of the week but it won’t necessarily be “cool” by any means the next few days. A Heat Advisory is in effect until Wednesday night. With the heat and humidity keeping you indoors more than usual you may find a little time to look into one of the reasons your outdoor chores or fun may be cut short… the heat index.

Many people know that when we mention the heat index on air we are talking about how hot the air actually feels. Specifically, the heat index is a measure of how it really feels when the relative humidity is added to the actual temperature.

The equation used to calculate the heat index is:
HI = -42.379 + 2.04901523*T + 10.14333127*RH – .22475541*T*RH – .00683783*T*T – .05481717*RH*RH + .00122874*T*T*RH + .00085282*T*RH*RH – .00000199*T*T*RH*RH

HI = Heat index T= Temperature RH= Relative humidity

There are other parts of the equation that is used if adjustments are needed on special occasions. If you are dying to know what those are, just let me know ;)

A more efficient way of finding out what the heat index could be for the day is to use the chart created by the National Weather Service.