Local woman warns of Facebook scam

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Facebook. We use the social media site to communicate, share pictures, and other important moments in our lives. But there is a dangerous side to the social media site including the possibility of scams.

Lynne Hamilton of Coal Valley uses the internet on a regular basis, selling items to make money.

“Craiglist, eBay, QC online,” she said.

She also uses Facebook. When she got a friend request from someone she was already friends with, with the same picture and same name, she thought the friend had just created a new page. She started messaging her and then the conversation turned to money.

"It started talking about bank accounts and having money transferred and sending money to Nigeria, so then right away I knew it was a scam,” said Hamilton.

The messages included information about the United Nations Commissions, describing them as an organization that would set up people online with money to take good care of themselves and family, to pay bills, buy food, pay children’s school fees. The person said they received $180,000 in cash.

She logged off, calling her friend to let her know that someone was using her name and picture to send the messages.

“I was shocked that it was a scam on Facebook, and they actually borrowed somebody's picture. If they can do that then they can pretty much get into anything if you don't have a password or a good user ID number,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton wants others Facebook users to know,

“Just doesn't sound right then it probably isn't right,”

If someone creates a Facebook page under your name or a friend’s name, you can report it to Facebook. From the home page, click on the top right button, scroll down to the help button, go to report a violation, click on how to report a fake account and then follow those instructions.

As of Sunday, the person WQAD talked with on the phone at the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department, said they had not received any calls of such a scam this week.