Iowa ranks fourth in the country for organ donors

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Iowa is ranked among the top states in the country for organ and tissue donors.

A survey ranked Iowa at number four in the nation, according to a report by Radio Iowa.

According to the Iowa Donor Network, Iowa has nearly 1.5 million donors.

Hearts and lungs have to be transplanted within four-six hours, according to the community development supervisor, Tony Hakes, from the Iowa Donor Registry. Due to the limited time, a “critical needs match” who lives locally will be the preferred recipient.

“If they can’t find someone that is a critical need match in this area they’ll offer it up statewide,” said Hakes. “Can’t find a critical need match statewide? They’ll offer it up to Zone 8 which is basically the border states.”

According to the report, roughly 600 Iowans are waiting for various organs. In the U.S. there are about 125,000 people on the waiting list.

Hakes said it is important for organ donors to be on the same page as their family members when it comes to registering.

“We always encourage people to register as organ and tissue donors,” said Hakes. “(make) sure your family knows and understands your wishes and you know and understand their wishes.”

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