Small volleyball team comes back with a fight

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After a losing season, the Clinton Community College volleyball team is back and ready to fight for an improved season.

Recent St. Ambrose graduate, Tori Matzen is the head coach of the five-woman team, and she said with a core group of returning athletes, a good season is in their future.

“We have a good group of girls,” Matzen said. “We’re here to work hard, we’re here to win games, and we would never go down without a fight.”

Athletes on the team said it’s a good thing that their coach is close to their age. Joce Sikkema, a sophomore on the team, said since Matzen was in their position as college athletes just one year ago, so she knows how it is and she knows what she’s talking about.

Women on the team also raved about Matzen’s enthusiasm and motivation.

“We like to have fun, we like to play volleyball,” Matzen said. “It’s more about just being part of something than just going to college.”

They have a lot of work to do, and some recruiting to grow their team, but they said they are willing to work for it.