Beyond the Green Screen: Making the Best of Dry Weather

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Our recent stretch of warm and dry weather has been wonderful, in my opinion. I know there are several opinions our there and a countless number of people who depend on the rain for their livelihood. I’m aware of that, too. Trust me, I get phone calls and emails about it.

It’s not that I don’t want a good thunderstorms or rain ever again. That’s not the case at all. Where would our food grow? How much will this impact meat and produce prices later on? How brown will my front yard look? All these things are not fun to think about. In fact, if it were to never rain again I’d probably be out of a job. The weather center is quite boring when we have these long stretches of tranquil weather. Sometimes though, it’s okay.

While I know going so long without rain can have harmful impacts in the future, it’s hard to go on air and say “This has been another horrible day, we had mostly sunny skies and highs in the low 80s”. How backwards does that sound? I try to find a happy medium. ” It has been another beautiful day but for those that need the rain… ” etc.

If you are in dire need of rain, I hear you! Chances are slim right now, but there is still a chance for showers and storms near the end of the upcoming week.