Prophetstown leaders approve contract to remove debris from downtown

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Prophetstown Fire aftermath 7-15-13 photo submitted to WQAD by Dave Fox

To clean-up and move forward, fire debris from a mid-July  fire in Prophetstown will be moved to a Freeport excavating company.

On Tuesday, August 13, 2013 the Prophetstown City Council approved a contract with Fischer Excavating for over $207,000 to clear the rubble downtown, according to a report by City leaders, however, are unsure if insurance will cover the cost.

The town’s mayor, Steve Swanson said the town may have to front some of the cost, but until they get information from the insurance companies, that amount is unknown. Most likely, Prophetstown will get money from a Farmers National Bank loan and from the “Rebuild Prophetstown Strong” fund, according to the report. People of Prophetstown are hoping to receive donations to help with the cost.

The work on the downtown will take three weeks to complete and could start as early as Tuesday, August 27, said Swanson.

Since the July 15 fire, Prophetstown residents have taken many steps toward reconstructing the downtown. A fund has been set-up, called Main Street Fire Victims, for donors to contribute to at Farmers National Bank branches in Prophetstown, Morrison, and Geneseo. The Rebuild Prophetstown Strong fund also has accounts set up at these locations, as well as IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union locations.

A fundraiser will be held on Saturday, August 24, featuring a 50-50 raffle and a silent auction. Proceeds will be given to the Main Street Fire Victims fund. For further information or to make a donation call event organizer, Julie Pope at 815-632-7806 or Muck Meier at 815-590-7756.

Support Prophetstown t-shirts and hoodies are being sold by Tampico residents, Kate Fisk and Jamie Mosher, according to a Facebook account benefiting those who lost homes or businesses to the fire. To order or for additional information call Kate at  815-766-0732 or Jamie at 815-499-4160.

Rock Falls business owner and Prophetstown resident, Sena Warkins is selling “We Will Rebuild” t-shirts featuring a collage of the fire and the downtown buildings. In addition, Warkins is selling coasters and mouse pads, all to benefit the rebuilding of downtown. For ordering information call 815-535-0931 or 815-499-0201.