Police remind drivers of school zone laws

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School bus, WQAD Photo

As school starts up in Morrison, Illinois, police will be patrolling school areas more heavily.

According to the Chief of Police, officers will be patrolling school zones, observing school bus stops, and enforcing speed limits throughout the city.

“We want to make sure everyone arrives at school, home from school, and to their other destinations safely,” said Morrison Police Chief, Brian Melton.

Melton said drivers need to remember that on Academic Drive, 2-hour parking is allowed on the north side (westbound traffic). There is to be no parking, standing, or stopping on the south side of the roadway.

Parking is not permitted along Genesee Ave., which includes the area in front of the high school.

As a couple of reminders to motorists, Melton said vehicles must give pedestrians the right-of-way in crosswalks. Also, motorists are prohibited from using their phones in school zones.

School in Morrison starts on Monday, August 19.