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Hail To The Chief: That First Day

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As you’ve heard, many students are returning to school. Some complaining that summer break was way to short. Others thrilled that they’ll see their friends on a daily basis. Lets not forget the ones who are experiencing that very first day. Thats a day that most will never forget, including me.

5 years old, waiting at the bus stop with my twin sister, full sunshine and a temperature around 60 degrees. Yes, I checked the thermometer before I left the house. What a geek!

I remember walking into the classroom and seeing a large fort for the boys, a kitchen for the girls, toys, games and art supplies. HOW COOL!  You can tell their were a few newbies that were terrified.  This one boy sitting next to me was so scared he threw up right there in front of me! EEEEEWWWWW!!! I remember the janitor sprinkling that stuff to deaden the smell before he cleaned it up. I asked him what it was and he said, “Pixie dust.” I remember thinking I was not aware that their was a use for pixie dust! Too funny!!

I also remember how much my teacher knew my fascination of weather. So she assigned me to be in charge of the weather calendar. Very similar to this one.  I guess thats where my first job began.


Do you remember that first lunch box? Back then, lunch boxes were popular. Mine, ‘Gentle Ben’.


Cute, but not cool. I came to realize, even back in kindergarten, that it just wasn’t cool enough. My choice..the Snoopy Dog House Lunch Box. Check it out!


Very popular. My sister actually carried her lunch in one. What made the whole world spin again is that my sister really wanted MY lunch box. She loved bears. Nice exchange I’d say.

So there you have it!  The wonderful memories on my first day of school.  :)

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