Davenport School Parents Just Finding Out Where Their Child is Registered

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Days before classes start, parents of some Davenport Community School District students say there are serious questions about where some kids are supposed to go to school.

Davenport parent David Hulme says his child was supposed to go to Adams Elementary School for the first day of school Monday. His house is in the Adams school boundary.

Hulme claims his child was put on a waiting list for the school on registration night. He also chose McKinley Elementary as an alternate choice in case the district couldn't get him into Adams.  Hulme claims his son was not on the McKinley Elementary registration list either.

After hearing back from the school district, Hulme said the family was told his son could go to either Buchanan or Truman this year.  Those two schools were not on his wish list.

Communications Director Dawn Saul says the district is dealing with overcrowding issues at Adams Elementary School. She also says there is a chance Hulme's child could be put back in that school later this year, but a spot has to open first.

If you're a parent in this same situation, Saul says to contact the school district weekly to see if spots have opened up. It may take weeks or months for some spots to open.