Recalled: Citronella lamps can shoot burning oil

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Two sizes of glass citronella table torches sold at Big Lots stores are being recalled because they can shoot burning oil.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of about 30,000 of the table torches which have a wick and burn liquid citronella fuel.

The torches were available in a large size, which has a steel fuel container and glass mosaic cover, and a small size which has a multicolored glass fuel container with a metal stand.  They were sold at Big Lots stores nationwide between March and June of 2013, and cost between $8 and $20.

Big Lots has received 20 reports of the citronella fuel erupting from the torches when the flames are high.  Property was damaged in all of the reported incidents.  Seven people reported suffering minor burns and two people suffered second- and third-degree burns.  The more serious injuries involved burns to the legs and abdomen of one victim and burns over the entire body on the second victim as they tried to extinguish the flames.

Anyone who has one of the recalled torches can return it to any Big Lots store for a full refund.