Mobile coffee shop opens in Galesburg

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Jerry's MoJo Truck, photo courtesy of the City of Galesburg.

A mobile coffee shop has opened in Galesburg and may be headed your way.

Jerry’s MoJo opened at Sustainable Business Center (SBC), and according to the business’ Facebook page, it is the first mobile coffee coffee shop in Galesburg, Illinois.

The coffee shop began its lease on Thursday, August 1, 2013, but was “three weeks new” on Saturday, August 3, according to the business manager, Jerry Strom.

The manager of the Entrepreneurship Center at SBC, Ryan Lilly, said that Jerry’s MoJo is an innovative business model for Galesburg.

“Perhaps this business will inspire others in the area to try a food truck or mobile-delivery concept,” said Lilly.

Jerry’s MoJo is an all-electric vehicle that travels around the Galesburg area offering snacks, coffees, lattes, smoothies, and more. You can contact them via their Facebook page for location suggestions and to see where they might stop next.