Iowa’s Annual Sales Tax Holiday brings in shoppers

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This weekend marked the 14th annual Iowa Sales Tax Holiday and it brought many shoppers to the malls, including some from Illinois.

From dresses to aprons, on Friday and Saturday select clothing and shoes were tax free.

“It is a significant expense so any little bit helps,” said Kim Schnaufer.

For Kim Schnaufer, it was a surprise that meant buying her son two pairs of shoes instead of one.

“It was like $15, $13 dollars in tax so anything helps,” said Schnaufer.

It also brought people across the bridge.

“I was planning on buying it anyway so I figured if I'm gonna save some money on taxes I might as well drive over and get it,” said Courtney Nelson of Moline.

According to, 18 states including Iowa will have sales tax holidays in 2013. Illinois is not one of them. To stay competitive, places like South Park Mall held a fashion show Saturday to bring in crowds.

But for some in Iowa, they are ready for the tax free shopping crowds to die down.

“I would've rather came at a time when everyone wasn't here at the same time. It took a little longer,” said Ricky Smith.

But even a little bit of savings, is too good to keep people away.

“I'm sure people come over here specifically for this,” said Schnaufer.

The tax free holiday lasts until midnight on August 3, 2013.