Local Kid Meets Mickey on Make-A-Wish Trip

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A big wish has come true for a Quad City kid who has been battling an incurable disease.

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Bradley Hartman was a recipient of a Make-A-Wish Foundation trip and chose to visit Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse.

The family went to the ocean, sea world, and Disney theme parks but the first stop was to Magic Kingdom where Bradley finally met Mickey. He got the picture he was hoping for and left Mickey with even more.

“I gave him a great big hug,” Bradley said.

“He didn’t want to leave Mickey’s side, they hugged, they shook hands,” His mother Jessica Hartman says.

Jessica says it will be an experience Bradley will never forget.  The trip was exactly what the mother hoped it would be.

“We wanted the care free trip to let Bradley just be a kid and that is exactly what we got,” Jessica explains.

Bradley and his family will head to Peoria at the end of the month for more tests and checkups but consider the trip to be a nice break.  Bradley will start school this fall and for the first time, he'll join a regular classroom with other kids his age.