Moline cancer survivor applauds new pot law

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Laurie Ferns survived colon cancer in 2009, but says the five months of chemotherapy almost killed her.

"My oncologist finally prescribed a man-made THC pill, the only thing that kept me from throwing up all the time," Ferns said. "I went from throwing up seven to ten times a day to once or twice a day."

The 52-year old is cancer free right now, but applauds Governor Quinn's decision to sign medical marijuana into law, starting January 1st.

"So glad to hear it. I always hoped it would be legalized. I'm really glad, I think it's going to help a lot of people," she said.

Fern says she quit taking the THC pills after her chemo treatments ended. And while she only used the medicine to reduce the nausea, she admits, the first two times, there were extra benefits.

"I was giggling, laughing, everything my husband said was hysterical," she said.