Beyond the Green Screen: Local Eats are Special Treats

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Lately on my way to and from work I drive by a man who has set up a produce stand on the corner of 24th street and Blackhawk Road in Rock Island. His truck is parked by a little canopy in an abandoned parking lot. Little white yard signs with red lettering line the street in front of the stand with “Sweet Corn”, “Tomatoes”, “Peaches” and “Cantaloupe”.

I had seen other produce stands scattered around the Quad Cities but this particular one caught my attention since it was so close to home. One day after work I decided to stop and see what he had to offer.

I walked up to the table and looked around at the produce. The tomatoes were bright red and reminded me of home. My late grandfather and I used to grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and onions. I miss those times and I miss the homegrown food. The man at the stand pointed out his yellow cocktail tomatoes and insisted that I try one. Without thinking twice, I threw one in my mouth. It was delicious! The taste made me a little homesick. I asked for a bag and then bought several of those tomatoes. tomatoe

It’s been a few days since I stopped at that stand but I plan to go again soon. This time I can’t wait to try the sweet corn and other fruits that he grows from home.

We are pretty lucky to live in an area surrounded by farms and trustworthy people. Moments, people and local produce stands/eateries like his make it a little easier to live so far away from home.