Watch: What Barack Obama said about the economy before he was president

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Barack Obama was a newly-elected senator when he spoke with John David in 2005 about jobs, economic changes and the changes manufacturing workers face in the U.S.

Mr. Obama spoke one-on-one with WQAD News 8 reporter John David in Springfield, Illinois.  The interview was part of a News 8 special report concerning the closure of the Maytag manufacturing plant in Galesburg, Illinois.

The interview also happened within weeks of Obama becoming a U.S. Senator.

Senator Obama reinforced his view on the need for a change in tax structure – specifically, he said the U.S. needed to stop giving tax breaks to companies moving work overseas.

He also said he saw significant implications in a shift from being an economy based on manufacturing to being an economy based more on services.

Obama said each individual manufacturing job also helped produce a number of other jobs, and that he thought that was not as true in a service economy.  He said he thought service industries also did not provide opportunities for workers to move up through the ranks the way those opportunities were available in manufacturing.