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Video: 11-year-old girl speaks out after escaping arranged marriage

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Millions have viewed video posted online of an 11-year-old girl bringing new attention to lives faced by many children in Yemen.

Nada Al-Ahdal claims she escaped an arranged marriage with the help of her uncle and another adult.  Nada says she knows of many children who would rather die than endure marriages arranged for girls who are still children.

“Some children decided to throw themselves into the sea,” Nada says in the video.

“I filed a complaint with the police against my mother. I told them that I am 11 years old and that she wants to marry me off. I would have had no life, no education. Don’t they have any compassion?” Nada says.  “I’m better off dead. I’d rather die.”

“My maternal aunt was 14 years old. She lasted one year with her husband and then she poured gasoline over herself and set herself on fire. She died. He would beat her with metal chains. He would get drunk.”

Nada’s video was posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

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