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Surprising behaviors that attract mosquitoes

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It’s inevitable that along with summer comes the mosquitoes, but what really attracts them may surprise you.

According to a report by, a single 12-ounce bottle of beer can make you more appetizing to mosquitoes.

A study presented by the National Library of Medicine showed that more mosquitoes landed on people after drinking a beer than before drinking one. Scientists are unsure why.

A French study from 2010 found similar results linking more mosquito bites for a person who recently consumed beer. In the discussion, they concluded that it’s a possibility that mosquitoes prefer beer-drinkers due to their slower reaction time.

Other things that attract mosquitoes are people exercising, dark clothing, and smelly feet. Mosquitoes can smell the lactic and uric acids emitted by sweat when exercising. According to commentary by medical entomologist, James Day, mosquitoes also use vision to locate people, so wearing dark colors like black and navy blue can make you stand out to them. A report by ABC News suggests that foot odor also pleases the olfactories of the summer blood-suckers.

A study presented by the National Library of Medicine showed that pregnant women are also an attraction to mosquitoes. Pregnant women attracted nearly twice as many mosquitoes as non-pregnant women. It is suspected the reason for this is the extra carbon dioxide that pregnant women exhale. According to Scienceline, mothers-to-be exhale carbon dioxide 21-percent more than non-pregnant women.

Click here for safety tips and information from the American Mosquito Control Association when using repellents.

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