Traps set for wild coyotes who attacked neighborhood dogs

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Traps were set Friday afternoon in a Rock Island neighborhood where dogs were attacked by coyotes in two separate incidents.

The city hired PAWS Wildlife Service out of Davenport, Iowa to trap the coyotes.

"I probably have had seven calls in the past two weeks of incidents between animals and coyotes. We are being very proactive here," said Rock Island Alderman P.J.Foley.

Neighbor Jan Auker says she's happy about the traps, because she isn't allowing her grandson to play in the yard until the coyotes are caught.

"My big concern with the coyotes is my 5 year old grandson. They attacked a big chocolate lab right across the street from me. Ninety pounds. If they'll do that to a chocolate lab what will they do to a 35-pound five-year-old?" she said.

Jason Thomas with PAWS says he has located the coyotes' den and is laying four traps. He says the coyotes will be put down.

"We're normally live-trapping, but I think we're being sanctioned in this particular case to put them down. You can't just relocate them, they'll come right back," he said.

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