Hundreds to take first unpaid day off at Rock Island Arsenal

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Hundreds of employees from at least two different commands on the Rock Island Arsenal take their first unpaid day off Friday.

As previously reported, the Pentagon originally warned civilian workers they'd have to take 22 days off this year. Since then, that number has been cut in half to 11, but workers from the Army Sustainment Command and the Joint Munitions Command, take the hit Friday.

Employees from each of those commands start to lose 20% of their salary over the next three months. As previously reported, the Joint Munitions Command just changed leaders too.

"They're doing a great job with understanding that this has been a decision made for the short term," new brigadier general Kristin French said earlier this month. "We'll do our best to get through this timeline."

There are about 700 Joint Munitions Command workers who are being furloughed. Some took their first unpaid day off earlier in the week. More than 500 Army Sustainment Command workers are on the island too. No word on how many of them are being furloughed.