Guthrie brothers team-up at JDC

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The John Deere Classic has a way of bringing families together both off and on the course.

Brothers, Luke Guthrie and Zach Guthrie were at the tournament at Deere Run in 2012 and they are back again for 2013; Zach acting as his younger brother’s caddy for the second time at JDC.

Luke is from Quincy and attended the University of Illinois. He said he’s glad to be back playing at the John Deere Classic and is excited for his time on the course.

“When we’re on the course, he’s the boss and I’m the employee,” said Zach. “It’s definitely business on the course. If I don’t perform, I fail. So I try to do the best I can.”

“I have to take ownership of my game,” Luke said. “I value his opinion; we don’t have too many arguments.”

Before the 2013 JDC, they teamed up to play 22 tournaments, finishing third at the 2013 Honda Classic.