Owner of Jim’s Rib Haven Dies

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The owner of an iconic Quad City restaurant passed away Tuesday, July 9, 2013.

James Overton, Sr., owner of Jim’s Rib Haven died after spending weeks in the hospital.

The iconic rib restaurant started as a carry-out restaurant in 1967 and it later expanded to the location now on 24th street in Rock Island.  There are now two more locations, one in East Moline and the other in Omaha, Nebraska.

The famous ribs have received numerous awards, and have been featured on the Food Network's Best of 2002.

Jim Overton, Jr. says the restaurant will remain open but says he will never be able to fill his father's shoes.

“There will never be another Jim like the big Jim,” Overton, Jr. says.

Funeral arraignments had not yet been set.

Overton, Sr. was 85 years old.

For more on the restaurant, click here to visit  their website.