Illinois Residents Could Carry a Gun in Public

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Illinois lawmakers could decide what restrictions are in a place to a carry and conceal bill that takes effect.

Last Tuesday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn made an amendatory veto to House Bill 183, which would allow a person to carry a concealed handgun in public places. Under the governor's changes, a person would not be able to carry a gun into a place that serves alcohol. That includes many restaurants throughout the state of Illinois. The governor is also trying to crack down on gang violence in the state.

A person would also only be able to carry one concealed weapon, with one ammunition magazine that holds no more than 10 cartridges. Local governments would now be able to make assault weapons bans if they'd like.

State Reps. Pat Verschoore, Mike Smiddy, and State Sen. Mike Jacobs all voted in favor of the old carry and conceal bill that was passed in late May. The bill had bipartisan support in the state house and senate.

Illinois lawmakers return to Springfield for a one day special session Tuesday. Lawmakers need 60 percent of the vote in each chamber to override the governor's veto. State Rep. Pat Verschoore told us Tuesday he does not expect the governor's veto to pass the state house and state senate. He plans on vetoing the latest changes the governor has made.

Governor Quinn needs 60 percent of the vote in each chamber for his veto to stay in place. Lawmakers are expected to override Governor Quinn's veto Tuesday.