Hail To The Chief: July’s Fever Way Down From Last Year

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This start of July won’t have a serious fever like it did last year as it has found a way in keeping its head cool.  A  northeasterly breeze wrapping around a trough of low pressure just to our east has been retrograding or inching a bit more to the west.  This will allow for the first four days of this month to experience temperatures below, that right, below normal for this time of year.  Afternoon highs during this period will be between 76 to 81 degrees.


Most remember all too well the first seven days of July 2012:

  • July 1st…..93 degrees
  • July 2nd…96 degrees
  • July 3rd….95 degrees
  • July 4th….96 degrees
  • July 5th….97 degrees
  • July 6th…100 degrees
  • July 7th…104 degrees

Yep.  104 degrees!  Its been years since we’ve seen back to back 100 degree plus temperatures in and around the Quad Cities.  We all were finding ways to stay cool from local public pools to long lines at the ice cream shop.  Those blizzards came in handy for me.  In the weeks to follow, farmers were realizing that the worst drought on record was becoming a reality.

Through the holiday weekend there are solid indications that the trough will begin to breakdown sending the cooler air northbound.

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Fortunately, the sizzling heat out west stays out to our west.  Most models look seasonal for the next couple of weeks as warmer 80s and humidity return.  The only fly in the ointment will be an increasing chance for showers and thunderstorms late in the holiday weekend which could likely trend into next weeks John Deere Classic.

Graphics courtesy of NOAA and Tribune Broadcasting.