Arrowhead Ranch Residents Learn Valuable Lesson from JDC

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The John Deere Classic is set to start July 8th but before the golfers, caddies and thousands of fans come to TPC Deere Run, residents from Arrowhead Ranch will help get it ready.

Arrowhead Ranch is a treatment facility for youth at risk located in Coal Valley, Illinois.  For over 30 years, residents have volunteered at the JDC.  This year they are setting up 3 miles of fencing around the course.

Pat Huys, a volunteer with the JDC says the work and help that the boys provide is invaluable.

“It has always been a very good relationship for us,” Huys says.

What it provides for the Arrowhead Ranch residents like Jeff and Xavier is invaluable as well; that is a second chance.

“All of the bad things I have done for the community, this is just a way for me just to give back,” Jeff says.

“It is hard work but you’re doing it for a cause,” Xavier says.  “You’re doing it to help out others so that’s all that matters.”

The residents are also learning to give back as a group so the individual sport of golf has taught them a lesson in team work.

“At the beginning I didn’t think it was going to work out,” Jeff explains. “All the fencing started to fall over but we all started working as a team.”

The residents will be volunteering until the start of the JDC.