Hail To The Chief: Great Time at Kids Camp

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My destination took me to the wonderful town of Rock Falls, Illinois and Kids Camp where over 100 kids participated.  This was a camp that focused on safety in all manners from fire, home, biking and in my case, weather.  As we know, any level of severe weather can be quite scary, but it doesn’t have to be so as long as you are well prepared.  What should you do if a tornado comes swirling into your town or school?  When is it time to play after a passing thunderstorm?  What are the dangers when high water in present in your neighborhood?  I tell ya’ folks, we have some pretty smart kids in Rock Falls.

IMG_1418 IMG_1415IMG_1411

Hats off to Executive Director Matt Lillpop and the rest of the University of Illinois Whiteside County Extension Farm Bureau for organizing this well received and successful program.  Can’t wait for next year!!