Local Team Competes for BBQ Bragging Rights

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Barbeque teams from across the nation competed in the Quad Cities this weekend to be this year's master of the grill.

The 3rd Annual Kansas City Barbeque Society wrapped up its event in LeClaire Park in Davenport on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013.

More than 30 teams, including several of the country's top cooks, grilled and smoked ribs, briskets, and chicken.

Smokin' Butt was the only Quad City team in the competition and believed they had a good shot at winning.

"We're happy with our cook," says Rick Willson, Smokin' Butt's Pit Master. "It's up to the judges and all you get is one bite. They take one bite of your product and that's all. That's the only chance you get."

The food was judged on presentation, taste, and tenderness.

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