Parts of I-74 rated in ‘poor condition’

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Transportation for America came out with a study that says parts of Interstate 74 are "structurally deficient."

The 'structurally deficient' designation in their report means that part of the bridge is in poor condition. The group tested several parts of I-74 in Illinois and Iowa.

The group says that the northbound lanes of I-74 at Avenue of the Cities, in Moline, are "structurally deficient."

The report also says that the I-74 bridge over the river is outdated, but not in poor condition.

Local drivers say the report makes them a little worried about traveling across the bridge.

"Now that I think about it, I probably will take a different way to get to Iowa," truck driver Curt Adams said.

Illinois and Iowa will get a new I-74 bridge over the Mississippi River, but construction isn't scheduled to start until the summer of 2018. Workers with the Bi-State Regional Commission also say that the bridge won't be complete until at least 2022.

Iowa ranked third out of all 50 states in the Transportation for America report when it came to bridges deemed "structurally deficient." The report says more than 20% of Iowa's bridges are in poor condition.