Autopsy complete for man who died in fight at Modern Woodmen Park

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Autopsy results have been released for a man who died after an altercation at Modern Woodmen Park.

Douglas Whalen, 45, of Davenport, was attending a wedding vows renewal ceremony at the park Thursday evening, June 13, 2013.  A family member the groom’s son became disruptive and, when Whalen tried to detain the son, the groom shoved Whalen.  Whalen fell and hit his head, and later died of his injuries.

Preliminary results of an autopsy released Tuesday, June 18, indicate the cause of Whalen’s death was “blunt force injury of the head.”

Police said the groom, 50-year-old Joseph “Little Joe” Van Hecke of Davenport, was arrested during their initial investigation.

Van Hecke was charged with disorderly conduct by fighting.  Jail and court records show Van Hecke was released from the Scott County Jail after he posted $300 bond.  Van Hecke has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

A spokesman for Davenport Police said detectives were continuing to interview witnesses in connection with the case.