Viral Video: Traveling llamas stop in Davenport

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It was not your imagination.  If you thought you saw llamas along Division Street in Davenport, you did.

Greg Hall from North Carolina said he and his pack stopped in Davenport, Iowa on Thursday, June 13, 2013 on their way to a weekend llama show in Des Moines.

That's when our News 8 photojournalist saw Hall and the llamas outside the Putnam, where Hall says he was waiting while his kids were taking a break from the road and having some fun inside the museum.

Almost instantly, it seemed, a group of kids who were at Fejervary Park moved in to get a closer look.

Hall said the need for help controlling an acre and a half of overgrown grass is what prompted him and his wife to begin raising llamas more than 20 years ago.

The couple now has 26 llamas in all, but they were only taking four to the Des Moines event.

The animals seemed affectionate and friendly, and one even knows how to open a sealed coffee can.

The Llama Futurities Association World Championship Show & Sale was set for June 13 to 16 in Des Moines.