Davenport to pay for Air Show Rent

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The City of Davenport could pay the Quad City Air Show’s rent for the upcoming year.

The Quad City Air Show, or Aerial Promotions, pays rent to the city to use the Davenport Municipal Airport. But in future years, the city may pay for the Air Show’s rent by using its Hotel and Motel Tax Revenue. The air show group starts using the air show about two weeks before the show, according to city council documents.

The controversy all started a year ago, when the city and the air show were at odds about how much rent should be. The air show and president Ken Hopper wanted to keep the rent the same. City Council documents show that amount was $8,000.

Now the city wants to increase that amount to $25,000, but the city will pay for the entire rent using the Hotel and Motel tax revenue, according to City Administrator Craig Malin. Wednesday night, the city council will look at approving the agenda item. Hopper has not commented on the issue yet.

The Quad City Air Show starts June 22nd at the Airport. The city council meets at 5:30 Wednesday night. The agenda item shouldn’t affect future air shows.