Weather woes put a damper on summer business

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From swimming pools to smoothie stands, unseasonable weather is putting a damper on local summer business.

"We had one rain day last year where we had to close the pool, and we've had two or three already this summer," said Whitewater Junction manager Donte Nesbitt.

At the Rock Island pool, the heated water wasn't even enough to tempt a swimmer Wednesday afternoon.

"I prefer it to be busy. The day goes a lot faster, it's nice out, sunny, how summer is supposed to be. So yeah, I'd much rather have it busy than slow like this," said lifeguard Kirsten Reynolds.

Downtown Rock Island, Wednesday also marked the summer's first day of business for Bayside Smoothies and More.

"We sell our chicken shish kabobs and our smoothie of course, which is our signature item," said owner Latisha Howlett.

She's also hoping warm weather will increase foot traffic to her food stand.

"You get a lot more 'thank yous' and 'please,' so people are much more polite, and a lot more ready for my fresh-squeezed lemonade," said Howlett.

In Moline, a pair of golfers managed to get in some swings in at the YMCA driving range, despite the Wednesday evening drizzle.

"I like it, the cooler weather, as long as the rain would stop. It's nice not having it 100 degrees right now, that's for sure," said Paul Skaggs.

But from swimmers to golfers, all agree that they hope business will start heating up with the weather.

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