Davenport students could earn college degree in high school

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Davenport students may be able to earn a college degree before leaving high school.

The Davenport School District has for years offered college and advanced placement courses for their students but now they are looking to do even more.  At its meeting Monday night, the school board considered a plan that would give students the chance to earn their Associate’s Degree while still in high school.

The District of Distinction Committee plans to partner with Scott Community College for the dual diploma program.

Ellen Reilly, the district’s learning supports specialist, says they hope the program will spark students interest to go on to a four-year college as well as save a significant amount of money.

“It is an incredible cost savings because when they take these courses through the high school,” Reilly says.  “There is no cost for the credits.”

Other districts have tried a similar program but haven’t had much success due to lack of commitment and transportation issues.  Davenport plans to fix that by offering the classes in just one place, North High School.

In it's first year, select students would be invited to participate.  After that, students will be able to apply to join.

“My hope is that biggest problem we have is more students wanting to participate then we have room for.” Reilly says.

The committee will host a reception for 100 eighth graders in Davenport to highlight the program and gauge interest.  The school board will go from there and possibly kick-start the program for this fall.