Burlington hit with 80 mph winds

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Cleanup was underway in Burlington, Iowa, Thursday evening after severe thunderstorms caused damage throughout the area.

Some of the most visible damage was south of Burlington on U.S. Highway 61, where a 40-by-60 foot steel frame building was completely blown over onto a nearby mobile home. Both structures were unoccupied, and no one was injured. The building was used for storage and housed a wide variety of items, including old cars, a motorcycle and shelves.

Damage was also spotted at Southeast Iowa Regional Airport, where parts of metal hangars appear to have fallen on some small planes. Officials at the airport reported a wind gust of 81 miles per hour from the thunderstorm that hit around 4 p.m.

Storage sheds were also blown over and power lines were knocked down. The majority of the storm's damage, though, was downed trees and branches, which littered yards throughout Burlington.

"Everything that came down just came down more or less in the open. It didn't hit the house or vehicles or anything, no major damage. All it is is cleanup," said resident Bob McAnally as he hauled branches from his yard Thursday evening.