QC Criterium Will Still Go On Despite Weather

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Event coordinators have been setting up all weekend long for the 48th annual Quad Cities Criterium. However, they’re facing Mother Nature this time around and setting up for the race was a little difficult this weekend with the rain.

“It`s a lot of work and everything kind of has to have their own little time frame,” says Carl McClaskey, special events coordinator for The District.

The weather condition isn’t ideal but, the track is set up, signs are hung and roads are blocked off.

"Only thing you can’t control when you do outside events is the weather that's the one factor,” says McClaskey.

In the meantime, production crews raced to get equipment inside. As the day went on the rain got worse.

"Good thing about it raining now is people are going to be so cooped up, maybe they'll still come out,” says Dave Phillips, bartender at Icons in Rock Island.

Phillips says he knows he can count on his regular customers no matter what the weather is,"We'll get our regulars of people that just have fun no matter what."