Parents and Students Protest Against Changes in School Boundaries

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Parents and students living in the Oakbrook neighborhood in Davenport made it clear that they are not in favor of the school district changing the school boundaries. On Friday, May 24, 2013 the community made their voices heard.

Around 50 parents and kids protested, walking from Oakbrook neighborhood to Harrison Elementary School.  They’re fighting to keep their kids in Harrison.

"We've built up a neighborhood, we've built up a school, we're extremely proud,” says parent Gabe Knight.

Davenport School District is proposing a school boundary change, which means kids from Oakbrook would have to go to another school.

"I understand they got hard decisions to make, but you're talking about pulling just a few families out of a neighborhood,” says Cannady.

It’s a short walk now, but if approved they could end up walking miles.  A bus route would be created to take students to school. The reason for the proposed plan is to try to eliminate overcrowding.

With the school board pushing back the voting date, it has the neighborhood hopeful.

 "They're listening, they're thinking about it and we really appreciate that. We hope they come up with a great solution.  We just hope part of that solution is leaving our neighborhood in tack,” says parent Ryan Cannady.

The school board will not be discussing school boundaries at the next meeting. The board will vote on school boundaries June 24, 2013.

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