Iowa couple camps for Middle Class Chronicle

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An Iowa prison guard and his wife are going green by living off the land. They're making a statement about economics and the environment while thriving in the great outdoors.

Farmington, Iowa, reflects history in the Hawkeye state. It's the oldest village in Van Buren County. That's where some 650 residents live in comfortable homes.

"This is where we live," said Katie Appleget. "This is where we sleep at night."

But in a park where guests must register, two guests checked in for good. Roy and Katie Appleget are going green with a mission.

"Let's keep our money instead of giving it to someone else," Roy said. "Let's pay cash."

The newlyweds ditched four walls for two tents. They're braving the elements to make a statement.

"We're not homeless," Roy said. "We're home-free."

The tents became their home over the last two months. It's where they write a blog, The Middle Class Chronicle, an internet journal about truly doing more with less.

"You have to kind of re-think everything as you go," Roy said. "It's been a learning experience for us."

These modern-day Thoreau's went to the woods out of desperation and frustration. For them, it's the start of a true journey and new way of life.

"You need to decide what's important to you," Katie said. "Are you able to pack up your life, throw it into storage and say goodbye?"

They chucked monthly bills topping a thousand dollars for a monthly deal at a park costing $180.

"These are our dressers," Katie said, pointing inside a tent. "It's just like having a vanity in your bathroom."

While electricity powers their appliances, Katie washes clothes by hand and cooks over an open fire.

By winter, they plan to move into a camper. Eventually, they want to build a sustainable home on their own land.

"We're not trying to do anything except do things the right way," Roy concluded.

It's a new American Dream for these pioneers with a plan.

For more information on their blog, check Middle Class Chronicle at Tumblr.Com.