Quad City Church Packs Up For Moore, Oklahoma

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9 Hours + 700 Miles = A Quad City Community Effort to Help Moore, Oklahoma.

It took only nine hours for Adventure Christian Community Church in Davenport to fill four trailers full of food, water, and supplies on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013.

Several members from the congregation will leave Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 for Moore, Oklahoma. There, they will cook meals for workers busy with tornado relief efforts. They say they won't leave until all the food is gone.

Trailers were packed with bottles of water, bags of chips, paper plates, plastic forks, propane tanks, as well as coolers and trash bins full of hamburger patties, hot dogs, and brats -- frozen for the 10 hour trip.

"Distance isn't a big deal," says Jeff Leach. "I've driven farther to play paintball which is ridiculous, so it's just one of those things where it's time to help out no matter what, because people have come from all over this country to help us out."

"There's the trained people down there that are going to need to eat," says David Adams. "It's going to be something where they can stop by, take a little break, get something to eat and then get back to their job. We want to show the community that they're not in this on their own. There's people that care and people willing to do something."

News 8 will be following Adventure Christian Community Church's crew to Oklahoma. Stay tuned to WQAD and WQAD.com for continuing coverage.