50 Thousand Illinois Drivers are Likely to Hit Deer Yearly

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State Farm has released a report saying that about 50,000 Illinois drivers hit deer every single year.

Some people living in Rock Island are speaking about the deer population and they’re hoping something gets done about it. The city is expected to release its deer population totals Monday night.

"I get the wild life thing, but I can't even do gardening, I can't do a vegetable garden, they just eat everything,” says Patti Deleu who spends a lot of money and time into her yard.

Her along with many other neighbors say deer have invaded their homes.

"I love doing outside gardening, I love doing vegetables gardens, and the last couple years, it's been impossible,” says Deleu.

They’re also destroying their gardens says Deleu, "This was the first year that I seriously thought about putting one in because all it was was a buffet for the deer last year."

Trying to get rid of them isn’t easy either. Deer jumped over Bryan Blew’s eight foot fence to get to his garden, “there's a herd of six to eight, throughout the summer."

It’s becoming a common occurrence that some hope the city can do something to help, "It's a fine line I guess between what's a nuisance and what's dangerous.  I would think that if they start causing more traffic problems, I think that’s probably the line where I would kind of say, 'yeah, it's probably time to do something.'"

On Monday, May 20, 2013 Rock Island City Council will release the results of the deer population count. They will not determine if any actions need to be done Monday night.