Teen girl dragged after Burlington wreck

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A Burlington teen is facing charges because he allegedly dragged a girl after he ran into her car.

Police said McCain Richards, 17, of Burlington, Iowa was cited for leaving the scene of an injury accident and for reckless driving.

A 17-year-old girl told police a vehicle driven by Richards had struck her car.  The girl said she then got out of her car, walked to the Richards’ driver’s side window and grabbed hold of the side-view mirror.

A witness told police Richards accelerated and dragged the girl through the intersection as she held onto the mirror.  The girl told police she was afraid to let go of the mirror for fear of falling.  Police said the girl was laying in the road just south of the intersection of Gear And West Avenue when they arrived, and that she had injuries consistent with being dragged on the ground.

Richards told police the girl had been following him in her car before passing him on Gear Avenue and slamming on her brakes.  He said the girl blocked the lane of traffic and approached his vehicle, and that she began to scratch and hit his vehicle as he tried to drive around her.  He said he did not know he was dragging her but he did see her sitting on the ground in the road.

Richards left the scene of the accident, returning about 10 minutes later.

Police said Richards told them he left the scene and picked up a friend at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Richards was expected to appear in court for the two citations May 21, 2013.

The girl was taken to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries.