Snakes found by Moline Police are pythons

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Police looking for drugs found python snakes during a raid at a house in Moline Tuesday.

On Wednesday, a snake breeder from Wisconsin carried 25 ball pythons out of the home in pillow cases at 2207 18th Street B, after the city gave the home's owner until the end of the week to get rid of the snakes.

"The big thing is everybody thinks snakes are slimy, they're not. Nothing poisonous, nothing dangerous. Rather than see the animals euthanized for no reason, I'll make sure they'll get a new home," said Jim Stelpflug, owner of SW Reptiles out of Dickeyville, Wisconsin.

"Snakes are usually kept in manufactured plastic racks, you can house a lot of snakes in a small area," he said.

Most of the pythons police found in the home were between 2 and 4 feet long. Moline Police say housing the pythons was in violation of city ordinance.

The man who was the subject of the raid has not been identified. His mom owns the house.