Rock Island to pay $160,000 for missing Walmart deadline

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Rock Island City Manager Thomas Thomas now has to explain why the city missed a deadline payment to buy a property in the way of the new Walmart.

The city had until December 31st to buy the land where the old Town and Country Bowling Alley is for just $450,000. City leaders say at that time, Miroballi Properties did not know the city had to buy that property to make way for the new Walmart. Miroballi owns the bowling alley property that burned down three years ago.

Once Miroballi found out the city needed to buy up all the land, they increased their price tag to $610,000. That was after December 31st, and City Manager Thomas Thomas says the city simply missed the deadline of buying it before then. Because of that, the city paid an extra $160,000.

The city says taxpayers will not be asked to make up for the city's mistake. The city says it has enough money in its line of credit to make up for the cost.

Construction also is now delayed on the Walmart project until the fall of 2013. No word on when construction will finish.