Crews to build bridge over John Deere Road

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The city of Moline will discuss the John Deere Road Expansion Project Tuesday night.

As previously reported, phase one of the project calls for the state to build a bridge over John Deere Road. The bridge will go from the Ryan's Restaurant on John Deere Road over to the vacant lot near the insurance buildings on 38th Street and John Deere Road.

The city is going to call this bridge the 41st Drive Connector. That is because the bridge will connect to 41st Avenue which is south of John Deere Road.

Once crews finish the project, drivers won't be able to turn left from 38th Street onto John Deere Road west. Tuesday's night's agenda shows that drivers would have to get back onto John Deere Road west by using the 38th Street intersection with John Deere Road.

The city is supposed to start work on the bridge this fall. The city should complete the bridge by the end of 2014. Phase two of the project includes the widening of John Deere Road.

City leaders will not approve IDOT's plans Tuesday, but the Committee of the Whole Meeting starts at 6:30 at Moline's City Hall. The project is supposed to cost $47 million.