Beyond the Green Screen: All Bark and No Bite

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Lily made a big impression on me the day I met her. She was gentle, sweet, loving, and friendly. More importantly, she didn’t bark. My neighbors would be appreciative.
This upcoming Friday Lily has to make an impression on someone else. I found a new and spacious place to live in the Q.C. that was small dog friendly but the landlord requested to meet Lily before we officially move in. I’m not worried but I can’t help but feel a little under pressure to make sure Lily doesn’t seem too ferocious. How could she? She’s only 14 pounds.

Believe it or not my small Lhasa Apso has a bark but no bite. It’s in her nature to be protective. If someone knocks at the front door she will leap off the couch and run to the door. When I let someone in she will continue to bark but if they get close to her she backs away. It’s pretty fun to watch. If I’m holder her she will seem anxious but she won’t bark. I’ll definitely be holding her when she meets the landlord.
How could anyone resist this cute face anyway?