Bettendorf police officer fatally shoots dog during attack

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A Bettendorf police officer reportedly fought off an attacking dog before eventually shooting the animal.

Police were sent to check out a report of two dogs running loose in the 2900 block of Harmony Drive just before 2:30 p .m. Saturday, May 11, 2013.  The dogs had no collars or tags, and had reportedly tried to get into a home according to city spokesperson Lauran Haldeman.

As the dogs’ owner was trying to put a harness on one of the dogs, the second dog ran past her.  When a police officer tried to block the dog’s path, the dog reportedly attacked the officer.

Haldeman said the police officer pushed and kicked the dog away as it jumped and snapped at the officer.  The dog bit the officer on the shin during the altercation, and that’s when the officer used his service weapon to fire two shots at the dog from about two feet away.

The dog was taken to an animal emergency care center where it later died.

The officer was treated for minor lacerations.

Listen to some of the emergency radio traffic from the police response below:

Hear police report shots fired:

Hear police confirm dog shot:

Hear police ask for animal control:

Hear police say dog owner going with dog to emergency vet:

Hear police ask for confirmation of dog’s vaccination records: