Clinton strikes deal with animal shelter

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Even without a signature from the mayor, Clinton has a new agreement with the Clinton Humane Society.

While the Clinton City Council and the mayor were at odds over the best solution, the city was temporarily unable to respond to animal calls.  Soon after that service stopped, the Clinton Humane Society stopped accepting the city’s stray animals.

Clinton Mayor Mark Vulich said he’s happy that the new agreement saves the city more than $20,000 per year in animal control costs, but that he didn’t sign the agreement because a more economical solution was available.

Vulich said he vetoed a proposed contract with the Clinton Humane Society which “called for an annual subsidy of $120,000 plus daily boarding fees.”  The boarding fees added about $5,000 per year to the contract cost.

“At that time the City had received another proposal that would have satisfied our State required animal control requirements for $40,000 per year plus daily boarding fees,” Vulich said.

The council did not override the veto.   Instead, they posted a request for proposals, which ultimately resulted in the council approving a three-year contract with the Clinton Humane Society for $105,000 per year with no additional boarding fees.

Vulich said the more-costly contract was better than the one costing taxpayers more than $120,000 per year but that he didn’t sign it because he still stands by the cheaper proposal.

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