Dixon, Iowa residents can scan their IDs to vote

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The town of Dixon, Iowa is the first town in Iowa to test out Iowa's new voter ID scanning system.

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz has been pushing for new voting laws in the state since September. Tuesday though, Schultz is testing out a new system where voters can have their IDs scanned when they go to the polls instead of having election workers manually fill out their information.

Election officials hope that the new system speeds up the voting process, so people can get in and out of the polls quicker. Dixon voters can still have the workers fill out their information manually Tuesday if they would like.

Dixon voters will be asked if the city should "sell and convey all of its water system to Iowa American Water." The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has found high levels of nitrate in the Dixon water since 2010.

Voting takes place at the Dixon, Iowa Fire Station from noon to 8 p.m. That is the only polling place for this special election.