The Real Meaning Behind Cinco De Mayo

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People in the Quad Cities stopped by their favorite Mexican restaurants to celebrate Cinco De Mayo . The Holiday is more than just Mexican food and Margaritas and while tons of people celebrate it ever year only a few know what they’re celebrating for.

While some spent the day trying to scarf down as many taco’s as they could, others spent the day drinking. Ganzo’s Mexican Restaurant held a Cinco De Mayo celebration.

"Anytime you have a day for pigging out on Mexican food, yeah that would be great,” says Mark Lowe who stopped by Ganzo’s.

People stopped by inside the restaurant to get a bite to eat and enjoyed a live band.

We asked people enjoying the festivities if they knew why Cinco De Mayo is a holiday. All the people we talked to did not know the true meaning behind it, they said everything from a Mexico’s New Year, the Day of the Dead and Mexico’s Independence Day.

Cinco De Mayo Celebrates the victory of Mexico’s army 1862 victory over France.

 “Both of my grandparents were from Mexico, I am Hispanic, this is kind of a celebration of our nationality. It means a lot to me,” says Martha Adams.

It’s a day the Quad Cities can embrace another culture says Martha Diaz.

 “It educates people in a way I mean if like if they ask questions it’s a way to find out like really what it is.”

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