Beyond the Green Screen: Sending the Rain to the Derby

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The low that has been responsible for the rain in our area over the past couple of days is slowly moving away from us, which is good. This rain is moving over parts of northwestern Kentucky, which is bad. It’s Kentucky Derby Day!

I grew up in Louisville, just minutes away from the beautiful and legendary Churchill Downs. Ever since I was little my late grandfather would take me to the race track at every chance he would get. He loved the horses and he passed the love for the sport down to me. He taught me everything he knew about the different jockeys, tracks, horses and how to bet. I’ve won a few races in my time but he was the real champion. Luckily, he split his winnings with me, since I was his favorite grandchild ;)

Not being able to be there for the big day is a bit disappointing. I will have to live vicariously through my friends Facebook photos. Speaking of Facebook photos, here is a picture I found from back in 2008 of my friend Ashley and I at the Kentucky Derby.